The people at Qualitor are more than just collaborators. They are the key pieces of every plan, strategy, decision and activity. They are parts of a machine that, down the line, deliver solutions aimed at fully understanding and meeting our clients’ needs in order to enhance and optimize processes and services.

We are what we study, research, develop, work for, provide and deliver. We are everything we discuss on a daily basis, we are the exchange of knowledge that takes place between our teams and departments. And we are what we put out in the market, our solutions and services that carry with them our constant development and humanizing outlook, which is part of our DNA.

This is what we are, what we live by and deliver. We are a living organism with knowledge and experience, over time, delivers commitment through Qualitor. A company where innovation, technology and excellence are not based on “what”, but on “who”. Come with us!

Quem usa, aprova!

Who are we?
In the market since 2003, we help companies of any size to organize their service, standardization and systematization processes as well as promoting constant improvements. Learn about our most important advantages and resources.
What do we do?
Qualitor offers a complete platform for service process management and service centralization. Focusing on: Help Desk and Service Desk, SAC (Customer Service), Ombudsman and SSC (Shared Service Center).
Why do we do it?
We have earned recognition from our customers and partners, as well as international certification in 5 ITIL processes by Pink Elephant, the body that is responsible for certification.

Now we want to win you over!

Quem usa, aprova!