The “Account Management” or “AMT” (Account Management Tool) tool allows users to automate operations linked to users in native or non-Qualitor systems, in order to speed up these services.

It allows applicants to perform routine operations such as password change, password unlock, user activation, user unlock etc., all automatically. Or, it can assist service desk attendants to perform these operations for requesters during the service itself.

To make life easier for customers who are already using Power BI, we have developed an indicator template based on the best practices indicated by the Help Desk Institute.

A great advantage of this integration is that once your Power BI is connected to the Qualitor bank, in addition to the indicators already provided by the template you can quickly customize your indicators.

Power BI

With OpMon you can monitor any type of device that generates data, such as: servers, switches, databases, internet links, surveillance cameras, applications, etc. Generate reports and graphs of availability, capacity and performance, SLA, SLM, among others.

The solution allows to monitor, in real time, the performance of the company’s activities and their results. Besides the overall vision of the entire infrastructure of the IT environment, OpMon has several modules that provide differentiated views for better business monitoring.

Chatbots are virtual assistants who use AI technology, enabling companies to provide 24-hour customer service to their clients, with the objective of enabling automated and efficient communication, ensuring the quality and standardization of calls.

Intelichat is a tool for creating custom chatbots through dialog streams and without the need for programming that can be used for Web or Messenger. It enables better performance in service, with interactive and dynamic content, data collection for decision making, among other features.

Atendimento via chat e chatbot

Available to attendants and requesters, Qualitor mobile allows the registration and monitoring of your demands with all the facilities that a mobile application can offer. Have the convenience of registering your demands through a service catalog and be able to follow them at any time in the palm of your hand.

Clients and attendants can consult articles from the knowledge base quickly, and can identify in just a few steps all their demands that have outstanding records.

With Qualitor, you can employ robotic process automation (RPA) utilizing artificial intelligence applications to handle routine tasks that require accuracy and speed. Eliminate the need for human interference in routine tasks and focus your teams on strategic activities for your business.

Increase your productivity, effectiveness and speed in service, reduce risk and reduce costs with the ability to quickly scale your operation.

Qualitor Infra by ADOTI offers a great alternative for asset management and control, and enables complete and effective management of the entire company’s IT environment by performing a complete inventory of hardware and software that includes the entire lifecycle of the assets and networks: “Acquisition”, “Preparation”, “Delivery”, “Use”, “Maintenance” and “Demobilization”.

Features include monitoring software utilization, measuring productivity per user, existing network shares, unnecessary usage, and Security Failures.

Whether supported online or by traditional means such as the telephone, Qualitor’s platform is OMNICHANNEL: we have integrated our solution with answering systems such as IVR, with the ability to open and query voice calls, thus bringing more convenience and ease to the end users.

Due to this functionality, the user identifies themselves through the IVR and from there it can open new demands, consult already opened demands and receive detailed information about the latest updates and process steps.

Features and Functions

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Mini Interface
Chatbot Intelichat
Graphics and reports
Services Catalog
Knowledge base
Scheduling of Routines
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Mini Interface
Chatbot Intelichat
Dashboards and reports
Services Catalog
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Chatbot Intelichat
Change and problem management
Incidents and Requisitions
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