Explore process automation for workflow improvement through critical paths, documentation, parallelism, knowledge management, and a performance analyzer. Working with workflow ensures gains through the integration of departments involved in processes that use multiple documents, aiding in their progress as well as their tracking.

The “Process” enables the mapping of all the steps a service should go through, standardizing and leading Qualitor in a personalized way to the path of the tasks that must be performed to fulfill a request.


Reduce costs, gain agility and increase productivity with your team! Through Qualitor Chat you can organize the service rooms, send knowledge base files, personalized links and measure the satisfaction of your users.

With Intelichat Chatbot you can easily, without any programming, create virtual wizards for web and Facebook Messenger! There are bots for automated, integrated and intelligent service, with answers in real time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Atendimento via chat e chatbot

Schedule all periodic and routine activities so that Qualitor can automatically open them on the scheduled time and date. Eliminate the use of reminders and streamline processes by directing them directly to those who need to perform the task.

Agendamento de rotinas

Through dashboards you can manage your indicators, customizing charts and reports. Fully aligned with ITIL and SSC practices, Qualitor also has the concept of “WYSWYG – What You See What You Get”.

Through the platform it is possible to manage the entire service process and the quality thereof, by using a series of standard system reports. Using the wizard feature within Qualitor, you can also access specific and technical reports, with access to the database, grids and customized queries (pivot tables and custom dashboards).

dashboard advanced

It consists of a set of custom services, which have been previously configured, to be made available to end users. In Qualitor, the “Service Catalog” integrates with the service process as a “provider” and the end users as the “consumers” of what is offered.

Using this feature improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s activities such as deliveries, pricing, contact points, purchasing processes, requisition, etc. It ensures that all parties adopt a standard and practical contact structure.

catálogo de serviços

Known for its practical and visual form, with post-its on a whiteboard, the Kanban method has been adapted to Qualitor’s digital landscape, using virtual whiteboards to help managers organize their teams’ work.

The Kanban method provides managers with a macro and concrete view of all activities being performed. This makes it simple to break them down between team members according to priorities, creating efficient workflows.


Available to attendants and requesters, Qualitor mobile allows the registration and monitoring of your demands with all the facilities that a mobile application can offer. Have the convenience of registering your demands through a service catalog and be able to follow them at any time in the palm of your hand.

Clients and attendants can consult articles from the knowledge base quickly, and can identify in just a few steps all their demands that have outstanding records.


To facilitate communication with your customer, Qualitor Mini lessens the bureaucracy of opening demands. With a lightweight interface that can be incorporated wherever you want (company website, intranet, miscellaneous systems), your customer will be able to self-register and request service without waiting for a prior registration.

The Mini interface offers the possibility of opening demands via chatbot, forms and service profiles. Through an agile service method, the customer solution will be evaluated in the concepts of Resolved or Not Resolved, bringing transparency and speed to the service.

For the customer to be able to have self-service within the Mini interface articles from their knowledge base can be made available in FAQ form.

Interface Mini

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