Change management controls the life cycle of all changes, enabling beneficial modifications with minimal disruption to services, ensuring that everything that is changed is recorded, evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled manner.


Problem management identifies the problem, categorizes, prioritizes, assigns, and oversees resources needed for its investigation and diagnosis, optimizing the impact of an error, eliminating recurrence and the associated incident expenses. Speeds up incident resolution using known errors and recorded avoidance solutions.

Incidents deal with the disruption of an activity within an organization’s process, and incident management ensures the use of standardized methods and procedures for rapid and efficient response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management and reporting.

Requisitions are services made available to the user/client using resources for the efficient and professional handling of all requests. It provides a channel for the user to select services as needed and receive a standard service. In addition, it is possible to do all the management of the services provided.


Through dashboards you can manage your indicators, customizing charts and reports. Fully aligned with ITIL and SSC practices, Qualitor also has the concept of “WYSWYG – What You See What You Get”.

Through the platform it is possible to manage the entire service process and the quality thereof, by using a series of standard system reports. Using the wizard feature within Qualitor, you can also access specific and technical reports, with access to the database, grids and customized queries (pivot tables and custom dashboards).

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The Knowledge Base is the repository of structured information to be used as support for service.

Establish a culture of knowledge in your business through a collaborative and high-performance base. Evaluate content creation through metrics such as knowledge gaps, Known x New, and perform search, utility, and content analysis for each article published.

Base de conhecimento

 It consists of a set of custom services, which have been previously configured, to be made available to end users. In Qualitor, the “Service Catalog” integrates with the service process as a “provider” and the end users as the “consumers” of what is offered.

Using this feature improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s activities such as deliveries, pricing, contact points, purchasing processes, requisition, etc. It ensures that all parties adopt a standard and practical contact structure.


The CMDB or Configuration Management Database (BDGC) is considered a database with information about the organizations’ infrastructure, applications, systems and business to have a broad and organized view of their data, creating a complete inventory of hardware and software.

Manage the entire configuration of your IT infrastructure by creating a complete business network map to identify and determine where the problems are, whether they are hardware or software, so you can quickly and efficiently resolve them.


Explore process automation for workflow improvement through critical paths, documentation, parallelism, knowledge management, and a performance analyzer. Working with workflow ensures gains through the integration of departments involved in processes that use multiple documents, aiding in their progress as well as their tracking.

The “Process” enables the mapping of all the steps a service should go through, standardizing and leading Qualitor in a personalized way to the path of the tasks that must be performed to fulfill a request.


Known for its practical and visual form, with post-its on a whiteboard, the Kanban method has been adapted to Qualitor’s digital landscape, using virtual whiteboards to help managers organize their teams’ work.

The Kanban method provides managers with a macro and concrete view of all activities being performed. This makes it simple to break them down between team members according to priorities, creating efficient workflows.


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